Commande Resto Scolaire - Janvier 2019

January 2019 - Resto Scolaire order

Nutritious and balanced meals
The Resto Scolaire services are very appreciated by our customers because the food served is healthy and delicious.
A nice variety is offered daily, using fresh and local products. For a cost of $ 6.00 per meal (3rd to 12th grade) and of $ 4.00 (kindergarten to 2nd grade), 
your child will have access to a balanced and nutritious plate with the possibility of being refreshed until satiety.
The team
For more than 7 years, through the Resto Scolaire and under the direction of our Chef Roland Monette, the Victor-Brodeur school
offers high school students a kitchen work experience, which can lead to an acceptance of collegiate registration. 
Since 2016, deserving students can complete their apprenticeship by visiting the School of Catering and Tourism Trade School 
of the Montreal School Board.
Food Allergies and intolerances - We would like to remind parents of children with food allergies that we never put peanuts or 
nuts in our hot meals.
We also offer gluten-free and vegetarian options. If allergy or food intolerance is other, please contact us, we can often make substitutions to the menu.